Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hidden Affections Chapter 7 and 8

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Finally, I had time to upload the latest 2 chapters..^^ hope you will like this one.. and you know the drill please read and review..^_^

A/N: the combo box isn't working well, i think somethings wrong with it so please click the "Next" link instead..^_^

Summary: I am bad at doing summaries sorry..^_~

here's the link:
Hidden Affections

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Updates and Hearts Day

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Gomen minasan for the late update..^^ I was quite busy the past few weeks with projects and stuff not to mention our midterm exam!! I had a hmmm not-so-good week for the past two weeks..^^ so as a consequence.. my muse didn't want to come out and play..but enough of this rantings..

Anyways! i just finished writing chapter 7 for Hidden Affections and it will be up and running at latest by tomorrow evening..i think.. and as for When Hell Breaks Loose..well I reached a writer's block for that one..creating/ imagining too much fight scenes gives me a headache^^ please continue to read and review my uhmm lets just say the result of my active imagination..^^

And since I took the time to post I might as well greet my friend whose celebrating her 20th birthday today, Joni, Happy Birthday to you!! go and visit her blog, you could find her link at the links section of my blog (JET)..^^

Thats all everyone!! Take Care and oh i almost forgot..Happy Hearts Day!! well belated..^^