Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Pick Up Women

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Women are very complicated creatures. If you think you know all there is to know about women, think again. The art of flirting and picking up women is very hard and tricky. You can be the best picky up artist and yet, there may be times when you get tongue-tied and lose the chance entirely. Thankfully, there is a place where you can talk and share your experiences with picking up women. Learning the art of seduction starts at Pua.

You can go to pua, and participate in their pick up artist forum. There you would learn tips and tricks from how to talk to a girl to how to text a girl. It is also a great way to meet and converse with other people and it might also give you a boost of confidence and learn new tricks on how to attract and seduce women. Remember, that confidence is the key to your success with women. Even if you are the best pick up artist there is, if you lack the confidence then women would not take you seriously. But don’t be overly confident that you would appear arrogant. An arrogant man can drive women away, instead of pulling them into you. If you are confident and comfortable with yourself, then you will be able to relax in a woman’s company, and you might be able to make her feel good about herself too, and leave her wanting for more.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How To Attract Women

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There are different type of guys; there are those who knows exactly what to say and how to say it and there are those who are far too shy to strike a conversation with the woman they had their eyes on. Some guys may think that there is a huge difference between the two types, but in reality, confidence is the only thing that separates them.

Confidence is the key to get a woman’s attention in a positive way. Before you could even think about how to flirt with women, you have to be comfortable with your own skin. You have to realize your strengths and accept and improve your weaknesses. By doing so, you will be more confident and self-assured that you are worthy of anyone’s good attention, but of course, you have to be careful not to be too confident or you might end up being cocky and that would be a big turn off. When you have worked on your self-confidence, you can now learn how to flirt with women. You have to learn how to make her laugh, or recognize the kind of topics she would likely enjoy, and to learn how to be mysterious and fun to keep her wanting for more.

If you want to learn more on how to pick up women, click on the link now and discover whole new ways to spice up and kick start your love life.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Take care of your eyes- Know more about your surgery

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We all want to have better eye sight, and some of us would consider surgery to get the best results but before you commit yourself to such procedure, you may want to learn more about it. Lasik surgery is among the most popular vision correction procedure there is but as popular as it may be, you still need more reliable information and should even have a guide on what questions you could ask your doctor. USAEyes publishes the 50 Tough Questions that you could ask your Lasik Doctor. A US Congressional subcommittee even cited USAEyes as a reliable source of Lasik information, they even have interactive Internet bulletin board where patients can ask questions and receive researched and reliable feedback. USAEyes.org has helped a lot of patients learn important information and issues about Lasik Surgery and other vision correction procedures.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beginner's Guide to Yoga

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There are many forms of exercise and meditation available for anyone who wishes to become healthier; physically and mentally. Yoga is one of those physical and mental practices. Yoga means “union” in Sanskrit and was originated in India. It is a practice that connects the mind, body and spirit, allowing us to achieve our highest potential, at the same time, enjoying good health and happiness.

Yoga Types

There are different types of yoga styles. Among which is the Hatha yoga which is one of the most popular form of physical yoga. It works with the body on a structural level; it strengthens muscles and also increases your flexibility. It is a yoga style fit for beginners. Another type of yoga style is the ashtanga which also means “eight limbs”. It is where power yoga is based upon. This yoga style is very physical due to its flow of movement- one pose after another. Another type of yoga style would be the Vinyasa . It is a movement and breath oriented yoga style and usually starts with Sun Salutations. Iyengar yoga style is more concerned with body alignment. It usually involves holding poses for long periods of time unlike ashtanga’s style of flow of movement. The Bikram yoga style is also called “hot yoga” for it involves doing a set of yoga poses in a 90-degree-plus heated room.

These are only some of the types of yoga styles. As you try to learn more about yoga, its techniques and poses, you might be able to find the perfect yoga style for your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Yoga

Doing yoga has many benefits to your physical health and to you mental health as well. I could list down a lot of physiological benefits from doing yoga like: respiratory rate decreases, blood pressure decreases, cardiovascular efficiency increases, etc. It also increases an individual’s flexibility because there are positions that focus on the joints of the body. Yoga also causes your body to detoxify. Detoxification flushes out toxins from your body thus ensuring an improved blood supply to all the parts of your body. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, yoga is also beneficial for your mental or psychological health. It improves your mood, your memory, attention, and your learning efficiency. As a result, it decreases an individual’s anxiety and depression problems.

I could go on and on and list every benefits of yoga but that would do little good for you. So I suggest that you get yourself out there and give it a shot if you want to get that mind and body health you’ve always wanted.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lasik Eye Surgery: Is it right for you?

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If you are considering having a Lasik Eye Surgery, it is advisable that you know a lot of trustworthy information about the procedure before committing to it. USAEyes has a list of 50 Tough Questions you could ask your Lasik Doctor, and they could also help you find the right doctor for your Lasik surgery. USAEyes evaluates doctors and give them the certification if they meet their standards. They are a very reliable source of information regarding Lasik Eye Surgery. So if you want to know more about this procedure and other surgery alternatives, visit USAEyes.org now!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Top 3 Websites That Dominated the Internet

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Like many people today, I am in front of my computer more than 8hours a day. I do my work mostly through the internet. Technology sure has made a long way, because today, we could sit in our homes and still be able to keep in touch with our family and friends, and of course, our online social networks. And when I talk about social networks, internet and technology, there are three websites that comes to mind.

My Top 3 Websites

1. Facebook. I must say that Facebook is part of my daily life. Facebooking is one of my favorite activities. Many people have become quite addicted to it. Maybe because it lets you connect with people, not just your immediate family and friends, but those long time friends you haven’t talked to in ages, or find your long lost relatives. You could just as easily leave messages, posting on each other’s walls, and chat with them all in one website. Facebook truly changed the way we communicate with others.

2. Twitter. Twitter is also one of those social networking medias that lets you share what’s on your mind in short, precise messages. You could even get updates from your friends, or even from celebrities who you choose to follow. It’s really an easy way to be in-the-know, without actually doing intensive research on a subject or on another person. You could let yourself be heard and let other people know your thoughts when you feel like it.

3. YouTube. We all have something to share. We all want to have our own videos put up in the internet for everyone to see. That’s what YouTube did right. That’s why it is very popular among “netizens”. You could share almost anything and everything, just remember to read the terms and conditions, privacy policies and what not. Though I don’t upload videos, I do enjoy browsing through the different videos, and even watch latest trailers through YouTube. :)

With the growing technology and people getting more and more great ideas, I believe that the internet would only get better through time. And maybe, in years to come, there will be more websites that will change our daily lives just like these medias have, and I am looking forward to enjoying how it’s going to unravel itself.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Closer Look: Xperia X10

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I have been admiring this phone since it has been release here in the Philippines. I wasn’t really planning on finding a new phone since mine was still working and has the applications and features that I needed- that’s what I thought. When I saw Sony Ericsson’s latest release, the Xperia X10, I cannot pretend any longer. I wanted this phone. Here are a few reasons why:

Xperia X10 is Sony Ericsson’s first android phone. That’s what I’ve learned through my research. So what is an android phone? You would be surprise that I’m not the first one to ask such question. An android smartphone is run by an operating system called Android fit for mobile devices. It has a lot of features including a 2D and 3D graphic library, and can support connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Android’s web browser is based on an open-source WebKit application framework. So if you are using an Android smartphone, you can be sure that you have one of the best smartphone applications. For me, it would be like having a pocket pc without the hassle of bringing my notebook with me anywhere.

Xperia X10 keeps you constantly connected. Since social networking is already a big part of my life, having this smartphone in hand keeps me updated. With it’s Timescape feature, it organizes all the Facebook updates, Twitter feeds, and e-mail. You can now easily access all these in one application.

The 8.1 megapixel camera is also a notable advantage. Having such phone, I wouldn’t even need a camera with me all the time. I can just grab my phone and take a picture anywhere and anytime. An 8.1 megapixel is a big plus on its features since not all phones have such high definition camera with them.

I don’t know exactly when I’ll be able to buy such phone, but I know that I will definitely get one for myself. I hope I had given you at least a glimpse on how wonderful I think this smartphone is. Hopefully, I can get a hold of this before a new phone with much more wonderful features comes along. ^__^

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LASIK Eye Surgery: A Cure for Poor Eyesight

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In this day and age, if you have poor eyesight, you don’t have to wear those heavy glasses or those irritating contact lenses. You now have a choice. Lasik eye surgery can easily treat astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness. Lasik is the most commonly performed surgery in the U.S. Lasik eye surgery benefits include the lack of need of glasses or even contact lenses, it is safe and patients can recover within a few hours or about a day or two at most. Dr. Thierry Hufnagel is one of the most trusted LASIK surgeon out there. You can be rest assured that you are in capable hands.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Change I Must

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Having a Blog is like having your very own journal for public display. In this time and age where the Internet has dominated our lives, having your journal out in the public is not a thing to be dreadful about. Instead, it empowers us to make our voices heard without straining our throats out.

And thus, three years ago, I created this blog. It was supposed to be a blog where I can have my thoughts heard without needing a publicist and hopefully touch other people's lives. Two years later, I started writing articles that reviews products and movies and anything I find interesting. And now, (almost) three years since my first post (last December 2007), I have decided to make some changes.

First off would be the Blog Title. I have decided to change the name so as to relate it more on whats inside the blog. This blog would not only contain my original works but also it would focus more on product, movie, book, site or series reviews and overviews. I have constantly updated this blog but nearly not enough to have one article a week but that's just one of the things I would like to change. I would try to make more time in posting topics that interests you.

I hope this change is for the better for I am hoping to have better blogging experience with you guys.^__^ Thank you for all those who still visit me every now and then and for all those who left me messages at the shoutbox (I have temporarily removed the shoutbox, I'll put it back in a while). ^__^ Thank you and have a great Blogging day :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


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It is safe to say that I’m not the type of girl who loves fashion so much that I have to have the latest couture dress or accessory. I’m not even the kind of girl who goes gaga over new or latest technologies. I am the type of girl who loves gadgets more than clothes, and even prefer computer games over accessories. But still, I can survive without buying the latest cellphone model, the latest couture dress, or the latest gadget. But once in a while I come across something that just grabs my heart and squeezes it tight because there is nothing I want more than that something at that specific moment. Do I even make sense? ^_^

The “something” I am talking about is the SONY VAIO E SERIES. I saw it hours ago when I went to the mall and decided to check out the Sony station and see if there’s something new, and indeed there was!

I really can’t provide a good review since I’ve never used it and I can’t buy- for now ^__^ But base on the review I just read from Laptop Magazine, it’s just the Laptop I’m looking for just because it has strong graphic performance. Here’s the specs I gathered:

CPU: 2.13-GHz Core i3-330M
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
RAM/Expandable to: 4GB/8GB
Hard Drive Size/Speed: 500GB/5,400 rpm
Display Size/Resolution: 15.5-inches/1366 x 768

My eyes and mouth is watering just at the sight of it! Hmmm… I wonder how many months I need to get the right amount of money to buy this? LOL!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Buying Used Cars? I know just the place

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Let’s face it, these days, brand new cars cost a fortune and yet we all want to buy cars that are both affordable and very much in good shape. Buying used cars are your best choice if you want to have both, and I know just the place where you can find the best used cars there is.

BuyYourCar.co.uk is the place to find and buy used cars. Searching for a car through their website is very easy. You can search by Make, Model and even Price range if you are under a tight budget. They also have a large collection of used cars at its best condition. They even give you a list of the most popular used cars, among them are: used ford cars, used volkswagen cars,used vauxhall, used mini, and they even have used bmw car! It’s a great place to find cars that are affordable, and in good condition. So go and visit them now!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Escape From Reality

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Let's face it, most of us would love to have an opportunity to escape from reality. To be able to sit back, relax, have fun, take on an adventure, and maybe to fall in love. I've had my moments when reality was just too fast and too tiring, that I want to be lost in another world. And so began my fascination with books. I have not read a hundred books, but I do know some great works of fiction that was able to pull me in within the story and even be able to relate to the characters. With this, I give you my current favorite books. ^__^

First Book: The Mortal Instruments Series

There are three books in this series written by Cassandra Clare. This is a young adult/urban fantasy genre, with unique set of characters and not to mention a very unique plot. I loved this book simply because of it's characters. The characters were believable and the story enabled them to grow and you would know more about them as you read through the story. You would come to love them as if you really do know them personally. And the story- the story was just plain awesome! The twists and the turns was well-written. All in all, it is a great read indeed.

Second Book: The Bridgerton Series

If you want to fall in love, read The Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn. It's as simple as that. You could choose who you want to fall in love with: either to a Duke (The Duke and I), a Viscount (The Viscount who Loved Me), a Rake (Romancing Mr. Bridgerton), or I can list them all down and I would never be able to finish this article. ^__^

So anyway, this series is set in the Regency Era, and it has all the ingredients for a romance novel and more. The heroines are feisty and strong-willed, the heroes are far from being perfect but still absolutely perfect with their imperfections (if you know what I mean ^^). So yes, if you want to have a relaxing, feel-good day, you should definitely read this series.

Third Book: The Alchemist

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read. The book was about following your dreams, and being courageous enough to follow and fulfill it. Paulo Coelho had written so many great and memorable books, but this one really touched my heart and my life. As I read through the pages, I also went with the characters, and journeyed with them. So if you want to remember what it feels like to dream, and dream big, this books is an absolute must-read! ^^

These are only a few of my own "Books you can't put down". Hope I had given you ideas on what books you want to take on next. ^__^ I'm off to reading another Julia Quinn novel, so I better cut this article short ^__^ See ya! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hate Reading glasses?

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Do you hate using reading glasses? Does it bother you, or is it annoying to always keep it at hand wherever you go, or is it a major turn-off when it simply ruin your fashion statement? I have just the answer for you!

NearVision CK is the only FDA approved procedure that uses refractive technology that helps cure the loss of your near vision. It can reduce your need for reading glasses! It is so effective that it is sometimes used as an alternative for Lasik Surgery. NearVision CK is also done in a doctor’s office in about 20 minutes.

Stahl Eye Center has doctors that can perform NearVision CK. You can be assured that you are in good and very capable hands. Stahl Eye Center has been serving patients for more than 35 years. They have doctors who are graduates of known universities with great standards such as UCLA, Jhon Hopkins and Yale. One of the best doctors is Dr. Thierry Hufnagel.

If you want to know more information about the doctors, you can click here. If you want to learn more general information about NearVision CK, you can click here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Need Help? Hire A Helper

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Finding help has never been easy. It is sometimes tricky and difficult to find the perfect help for the task you want done. But fortunately there is a place where you can find the perfect help you need; from cleaning, landscaping, or even moving help, they can provide the man power for it!

HireAHelper.com is the place to find just the kind of help you need. They are an Internet-based service provider that can connect laborers with whomever it is that needs help. They have more than thousands registered helpers, that can help you get the job done. One of the main tasks that they get done would be helping you move to a new location or new home. These Movers help you pack, load, and drive you to your destination and they also help you unload, and unpack, isn’t that just great? Some of the best movers are the Chicago movers-who can help you move within the Chicago IL area with affordable price and quality work and the Los Angeles movers- who also offers affordable prices that fit any budget that doesn’t compromise quality service.

If you are in need to learn more Tips, Tricks, and Guides from cleaning, landscaping, moving, or general labor, you can visit here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Latest Buzz

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Want professional and successful Web Design and SEO? Now-a-days, your Web Design is very much a factor for your website to succeed. You really have to invest in making your website look good and up to date so that people will be encouraged to visit your website often. But it should not only look good, it should also have good content. The content should be able to grab the visitor’s attention making them want to go back and read some more.

I found this place where they specialize in Web Designing and SEO. They are very professional and delivers great product. If you want your website to look good and have great quality, visit Austin wordpress expert. In their site, you would find their Design Portfolios, SEO Portfolios and their contact information. If you don’t want to take my word for how professional and good they are, you can also find some testimonials in their website. You would also find that they also specialize in mobile web design which makes it an asset for your website if people browsing through their mobile can access your site in the same way as they would access using their PCs. They would really help you and your site move forward and be up to date to the latest trends in Web Designing. What are you waiting for? Visit them now!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Choosing Cars

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I’ve always wanted to have a car of my own. But finding the perfect car can be really tedious and confusing, specially when you don’t know your way around engines. But thankfully, I’ve found the perfect place where I can browse through cars such as Honda:

With great-looking body, and slick features, how could you go wrong? You can also browse through the honda insight photos where you can find some honda insight pics Or maybe browse through a Porche, with one of the latest Porche Panamera. There are more porsche panamera pics at this website if you want to see more details of this latest Porche.

But one of my personal favorites would be Ford Escape. It's made not only for driving along the city but also great for an adventure ride. The ford escape photos allows you to see the beauty of a great car that does not only look good but also has great performance.

Honda, Porche, and Ford are my best picks for 2010. I don’t know much about cars, but from what I’ve read from the reviews, they have been great. Most of our cars are from Ford, and I’ve had great experience with them. But don’t only take my word for it. You can learn and discover more if you take a look of these cars, even online. With TheCarConnection.com, you can browse through different snapshots- like the one you see above, and even see the price range of these cars. You can even get different dealer price quotes for FREE, without the hassle of going to one car dealer to the next, and without even visiting them. It all happens online. You can even read through reviews of the chosen car. The reviews cover not only the performance of the car but also the car’s features, style, quality and even the car’s safety. So what are you waiting for? Visit the links, and go find yourself the perfect car for 2010!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What a Girl Wants

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Ever liked a girl too much that you get tongue-tied and just can't find the right words to say? Sometimes, you even end up saying the worst pick up lines and as a result, you embarrass yourself in front of a gorgeous girl. If you want to be a pick up artist, that which can get the attention of a girl, you need some proper coaching.

In these forums, you would learn how to flirt. Find different ways to get your woman's attention and drive them towards you. You would learn how to pick up women using the best pick up lines that are not only sweet but funny as well. And of course, this forum would not be complete without some dating advice if you want some answers to questions that you're afraid to ask.

What are you waiting for? If you want some help getting yourself a date, then go and find some ideas and advice that are sure to work. But always remember, a way to a girls heart is very tricky but very fulfilling indeed.