Friday, August 8, 2008

After a long while...

7:00 AM by Subtle_Hints · 0 comments

...of not posting anything decent, I still have nothing to upload^__^ LOL!! I've been working on a new project and it still has 11 chapters (I think?) so I'll probably post that soon. If I get enough readers and comments to some of my stories I might upload it sooner lol. hahaha. I've been very busy at school and I didn't have the time to do anything else so writing short stories had been halted for a while. And because of certain circumstances like teachers and super busy schedules leading to an unstable mental capacity (huh?? LOLlol ) I can't think of anything decent to write. So all the stuff I've been working on had ended up either in my recycle bin or in my Drafts folder.^__^

So that's it for now. Don't wanna rant up some more hahaha. Thanks for all those who visited this page I'm really happy^__^ See you all soon!! Ja ne~