Thursday, June 10, 2010

Take care of your eyes- Know more about your surgery

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We all want to have better eye sight, and some of us would consider surgery to get the best results but before you commit yourself to such procedure, you may want to learn more about it. Lasik surgery is among the most popular vision correction procedure there is but as popular as it may be, you still need more reliable information and should even have a guide on what questions you could ask your doctor. USAEyes publishes the 50 Tough Questions that you could ask your Lasik Doctor. A US Congressional subcommittee even cited USAEyes as a reliable source of Lasik information, they even have interactive Internet bulletin board where patients can ask questions and receive researched and reliable feedback. has helped a lot of patients learn important information and issues about Lasik Surgery and other vision correction procedures.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beginner's Guide to Yoga

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There are many forms of exercise and meditation available for anyone who wishes to become healthier; physically and mentally. Yoga is one of those physical and mental practices. Yoga means “union” in Sanskrit and was originated in India. It is a practice that connects the mind, body and spirit, allowing us to achieve our highest potential, at the same time, enjoying good health and happiness.

Yoga Types

There are different types of yoga styles. Among which is the Hatha yoga which is one of the most popular form of physical yoga. It works with the body on a structural level; it strengthens muscles and also increases your flexibility. It is a yoga style fit for beginners. Another type of yoga style is the ashtanga which also means “eight limbs”. It is where power yoga is based upon. This yoga style is very physical due to its flow of movement- one pose after another. Another type of yoga style would be the Vinyasa . It is a movement and breath oriented yoga style and usually starts with Sun Salutations. Iyengar yoga style is more concerned with body alignment. It usually involves holding poses for long periods of time unlike ashtanga’s style of flow of movement. The Bikram yoga style is also called “hot yoga” for it involves doing a set of yoga poses in a 90-degree-plus heated room.

These are only some of the types of yoga styles. As you try to learn more about yoga, its techniques and poses, you might be able to find the perfect yoga style for your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Yoga

Doing yoga has many benefits to your physical health and to you mental health as well. I could list down a lot of physiological benefits from doing yoga like: respiratory rate decreases, blood pressure decreases, cardiovascular efficiency increases, etc. It also increases an individual’s flexibility because there are positions that focus on the joints of the body. Yoga also causes your body to detoxify. Detoxification flushes out toxins from your body thus ensuring an improved blood supply to all the parts of your body. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, yoga is also beneficial for your mental or psychological health. It improves your mood, your memory, attention, and your learning efficiency. As a result, it decreases an individual’s anxiety and depression problems.

I could go on and on and list every benefits of yoga but that would do little good for you. So I suggest that you get yourself out there and give it a shot if you want to get that mind and body health you’ve always wanted.