Monday, March 24, 2008

Hidden Affections Chapter 9

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As promised here's the 9th installation of Hidden Affections^_^ I hope you will all like this one.. It's a little boring and somewhat corny so please it would really help me if you could read and review..^_^ if you do not have an account in blogspot then sign in as anonymous^_^ LOL!! sorry if this sounds like I'm forcing you to review hahahaha^_^

Story so far: Seiichi confesses?!

Here's the link:
Hidden Affections
If you wanna read the first chapter of Hidden Affection here's the link:
Hidden Affection Chapter 1

Sunday, March 23, 2008


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Again I'm behind with all the updates I should have posted..Gomenasai^^ I've been busy and preoccupied with work and such that's why I didn't have the time to update..But here are the updates..^^

The latest chapter for Hidden Affections will be up and running by next week, since I just finished writing chapter 9 ^^ but i still have to re-read it until I'm satisfied with the erhmm events^_^ It seemed a little boring and well..a little corny..not because of mushy scenes but because of the jokes that was in it..hopefully i'll be satisfied with it^^ My muse is not working as hard as she should naturally I'm not that inspired..^^ but I hope you'll look forward for the coming chapters..^^