Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hidden Affections One shot

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Lately, I can't think of anything to post in here that's why today I decided that I'd post the one shot of Hidden Affections that had been sitting here in my computer for a while.^__^ My friends had finished reading this shot and well I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out.^^ This story picks up after the Fireworks Festival and contains only one chapter. It's purpose is for light reading only. I'll update my stories soon, my muse isn't working well again and hadn't given me much inspiration to write up anything decent^__^ So for the meantime I hope you'll be able to enjoy this. Reviews and reactions will be very much appreciated. biggrin

P.S: For those who haven't read the story please go to my Labels section and click on Hidden Affections to view all the links to the chapters for this story ^__^

Here's the link:
Hidden Affections One Shot

Monday, June 2, 2008

Which among the 7 Deadly Sins are you?

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I took this test for the fun of it and was surprised to see the result. redface After answering about 20 questions (not so sure how many), I laughed at the result which said I was PRIDE. lol It's quite funny since the description somehow resembles me^__^ So for the first post for the month of June, I bring you one of the seven deadly sins: Pride.

Disclaimer: The image is from Endling's "Living in sin". Take the test here

You are pride. I bet you're proud that you got recognized for your pride huh? If so, if you can decipher what that means, THAT'S A SIGN. You are a very...self-satisfied person who honors and rewards THEMSELVES for achieving anything they think special. At least you're never TRULY be alone, you'll still have "me, myself and I" right? hahah if you agree then you are totally vain. But so am I sooooo, shine on ;)