Monday, August 3, 2009

Fairy Tales Remain in Story Books

2:46 AM by Subtle_Hints · 1 comments

Most little girls love fairy tales and happy ever afters, of dreaming the perfect wedding, trying out their sister's dress or their mother's make up. Little do they know that the grown up world they look up to so much are not everything they dreamed up to be. They don't know how cruel this world they rush to, can be become. They still see the world at it's finest- with rainbows and butterflies. They still live in a world where the only man in their lives are their dads and their most loyal and best friend is their mom, and their only competition is their sister- if they have any.

As these little girls grow up, they are thrown in a reality much harsher than they have expected. The fairy tale had turned to sad realities, happy ever afters turned to dust, the perfect wedding remains nothing but a dream. They are introduced to a world where they would meet more idiotic boys than prince charmings, where real, honest and loyal best friend is so hard to find and keep, a world where they think that every other girl is a competition, where wounded hearts are much harder to cure than wounded knees.

But growing up are not all heartaches and pains With it comes memories and friendships making it all worth it. For every trial comes wisdom and strength that makes these grown up girls- not damsel in distress, but women who can stand on their own and save themselves instead of waiting to be rescued. We grow up realizing that fairy tales remain in story books and that there are no happy endings, simply because life goes on. Life is not put into a halt when you are at your happiest. We now see the world at its worst- no rainbows, no butterflies but we try to make the best out of every good chance and opportunity. These are what separates us from those damsel in distress. These are what defines us as women.